Black Spots

Black Spots | Remove Black Spots On The Face

You must be very upset about the black spots or dark spots on your face. Or it can be seen that the hands and feet are darker than the color of the face. Or maybe you are very worried about the black spots on any particular part of our body. However, if you want, you can get rid of dark spots or pimples on your skin at home. If you use these regularly, you will get beautiful fair skin.

Easy tips to get rid of black spots on the face

There are many new creams available in the market now to remove black spots on the face. But do we know how appropriate these are for our face? We use these unknowingly. Later it is seen that this does not remove the scars on the face but causes more problems. So we will give you some natural tips, which are especially effective in removing black spots on your skin.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a very effective ingredient not only for removing black spots on the face but also for removing acne, blemishes, etc. on the skin. If you want, take out aloe Vera gel and apply it gently on the affected area. Massage in such a way that the aloe Vera gel is completely absorbed by the skin. If you want, you can wash your face with a lukewarm drink after keeping it on the skin for an hour.

Black Spots

Lentils: First you grind lentils and mix the egg yolk in them. Dry this paste in the sun and keep it in the dew Every night before going to bed, mix 1 teaspoon of milk with 2 drops of lemon juice and apply it on the whole face After keeping it in the mouth for half an hour or more, wash your face This will make your complexion pale

Eat More Water: Water is the only ingredient that keeps your skin looking good. If you drink a lot of water, your body will get rid of toxins. There is no roughness in your body. This keeps your skin fresh. So you need to keep your skin well, you can drink plenty of water.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice usually contains a lot of citric acid. There is also L-ascorbic acid, which is a major source of natural antioxidants. First mix lemon juice in a cotton swab and apply it on the black areas of your skin. Keep the mixture in the mouth overnight. This method is also quite effective in removing black spots on your face.

Garlic: The smell of garlic may annoy many. But this garlic contains antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients; Which is able to remove black spots on your face. Not only that, garlic is also useful in the prevention of various diseases in our body. Garlic prevents cancer.

Honey: Honey is very useful to remove black spots on the face. You can apply this honey with a sweet taste on your face like a mask. Apply on your face for about five minutes. Then wash your face with lukewarm water. Honey contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients. Which is a very beneficial ingredient for your skin.

Banana and lemon paste: Make a smooth paste by mixing ripe banana and lemon. You can use this mixed paste on your face, neck, hands, feet anywhere you want. Apply rose and leave it on the black spots on your body for about 15 minutes and wash your face. It will work well after a few days. It is especially beneficial for your skin and body. Because it is able to remove the black spots on your skin.

Black Spots

Potato juice: Wash the potatoes very well and squeeze out the juice. Then apply the juice directly on the spots. You can wash it after waiting for ten minutes. Face packs can also be made with potato juice, honey and lemon juice.

Rosewater: Rosewater is a very common and affordable home remedy for beauty. Soak rose petals in water then use rose water while washing your face If possible, use this water as many times as you clean your face during the day. It will make your skin bright, soft, and blemish-free.

Keep the skin clean: Don’t forget to take care of your skin at the end of a busy day. Before going to bed at night, you must clean your skin and apply moisturizer if you need to. If your skin is not clean at night, germs will do a lot of damage to your skin throughout the night. So keeping the skin clean is the best way to keep the skin bright, beautiful and flawless.

Use milk: People who go out every day get a lot of dust on their skin and the accumulation of dust in the skin destroys both the color of the skin and the quality of the skin. Dust accumulates in the tissues through your pores and prevents oxygen from entering the skin. The easiest way to overcome this problem is to mix a pinch of salt and lemon juice in milk and apply it on the skin and wash it off after it dries. Milk has been used for ages to brighten and blemish the skin.
Sandalwood pack: Sandalwood packs are very effective in removing black spots, age marks, and depression. Mix turmeric and milk with sandal powder and make a paste and apply it on the face regularly. There is no pair to brighten and refresh the skin.

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