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The Best “iPhone 11 Pro Max” Review

In this particular before, Apple has launched several products named “Pro”, including MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iPad Pro. It at the moment is the most suitable companions for professionals this can powerful hardware performance. This holiday season, “Pro” finally stumbled on the iPhone line of products. And the ultra-modern iPhone 11 Pro Max, has naturally ended up being the focus of people’s eyes

So how on the globe are these claims the new iPhone “Pro”? Powerful hardware? Excellent three-camera system? An even better screen? These are the highlights of the iPhone 11 Pro series, nonetheless, they are not all. Let’s unveil the mystery of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. To see what’s so special about the best “Pro” of the iPhone product line.

iPhone 11 Pro Max design:

You start with iPhone 8, Apple returned on the glass backplane design. And further removed many elements belonging to the backplane making it simple. iPhone taken off the bottom. It seems that Apple is getting ready to implement “simplicity” to the extreme this time.

This year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max has also many special features in character. Just like a choice of backplane glass. Which works with a new foggy glass backplane as opposed to the previous bright glass. For at all like me that like running naked, the main advantages of foggy glass going to be quite obvious. It feels the same as MacBook’s trackpad fails to stain fingerprints as easily as glossy glass. And appears to have a premium texture exclusive to the flagship product. In addition to a bright chrome steel frame of the color, fully demonstrating its “Pro” characteristics.

When most people first view the iPhone 11 Pro Max. They concentrate on the matrix triple shot from the upper left corner of the fuselage. Because Apple uses heightened polishing technology at that time, the crater-like camera bulge is polished on an entire part glass. This design is a bit like the last iPhone 7 series. Which happens to be integrated by grinding in the entire part material. But this design is also very demanding, and currently. Only Apple dares to implement these designs on the glass back panel from the industry.

In my opinion, another of your “crater” design is that this cuts down on the sudden sensation of the back three-camera module. The crater design, which is slight as compared to the glass cover, can effectively slow up. The bugles of you as well as the whole of the phone looks more harmonious.

As well as in daily use, this integrated molding cover even offers a leading advantage. Which is to allow for IP68 grade water resistance. Apple officials the new iPhone 11 Pro Max can remain with depth all the way to four meters for approximately one 30 minutes. So common liquid splashes will probably have little effect on it.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The fact is, after the iPhone 11 Pro Max, there are several details that need to be paid awareness of, that could be, the body weight and thickness of the phone. This occasion, the bodyweight of the iPhone is 226g. The bodyweight after wearing the product case is virtually half a kilogram. For those times you think this weight is a bit unacceptable. Maybe you can look at the 5.8in version of the iPhone 11 Pro. Naturally, there isn’t a difference between each of them except the screen size and battery capacity. Regarding thickness, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 0.4mm thicker than the prior generation. But considering that the iPhone 11 Pro Max contains a larger capacity battery. The thickness increases slightly, which is definitely inside the acceptable range.

Regarding appearance, the screen of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is virtually no totally different from that surrounding the prior generation. But in terms of screen quality, the improvement of your generation can be stated to be rather great. This occasion the iPhone 11 Pro Max provides you with a “hyper retina XDR display”. The designs we will see by the name, Apple believes this screen about this phone can be as powerful for the reason that Pro Display XDR. “keep the Pro Display XDR screen in the users hand of your hand” might be the best interpretation of your screen.

In line with official data, the screen quality of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is definitely among the absolute best. Having contrast all the way to 20000000 Pro Max 1, a maximum brightness of 800N for daily use. An outburst of screen brightness to 1200N when viewing HDR content, greatly increasing the dynamic range. And as well as the increased brightness. The iPhone 11 Pro Max screen performs better in terms of power control. That is incredible why the iPhone 11 Pro series has better battery life.

Through the iPhone XR released during the past year to the fresh new iOS 13. Apple looks like deliberately reducing arsenic intoxication 3D Touch. On iPhone 11 Pro Max, the 3D Touch feature officially said goodbye to us. And was replaced by the “tactile touch” of the prior iPhone XR. But despite the removal of the touch layer, much of the 3D Touch experience remains. Therefore we can re-press the screen by pressing the screen for some time. With little contrast in everyday use with iPhone’s underlying Taptic Engine.

But for a bit of gamer, or users who widely-used to 3D Touch. It is actually a pity to cancel 3D Touch. One example is, many “Game for Peace” players are getting to be utilized to re-pressing the screen to spread out the scope. Today after canceling 3D Touch, these players may prefer to re-adapt to the fresh new manipulation.

After the genuine estimation, the expulsion of the weight layer won’t influence normal tasks. For example, moving the cursor and opening the optional menu. The abrogation of the weight layer additionally gives more space to huge limit batteries. From this point of view, additionally, it looks positive.

iPhone 11 Pro Max camera performance and samples:

The actual largest update with the iPhone 11 Pro series this season certainly is the brand spanking new back three shots. Apple officially calls it a “Pro-level camera system”, which is an indication of official confidence in it.

Preferably should say that Apple did take some thinking into the design within the iPhone 11 Pro Max Tri-shot. Which is carryout a unified photo experience When considering parameters, a few cameras are 12 million pixels. Which are definitely the equivalent 13mm focal length ultra-wide-angle lens? The equivalent 26mm focal length wide-angle lens. And then the equivalent 52mm telephoto lens, which just corresponds to various shooting scenes.

Some might say that multifocal camera combinations have already been common from the Android camp. Using Apple’s view, a unified photo experience is a top-notch priority. People who use Android phones for years will unquestionably realize that due to the inconsistent parameters of a few cameras within the Android phone. It is difficult to maintain furnishings of the picture uniform during zoom. And then the occasional “stutter” will occur due to various camera parameters when zooming. However, on iPhone 11 Pro Max, a real scenario is not going to occur. Because after Apple’s adjustment, a few lenses of this phone are almost identical with regard to white balance and color. Regardless of what camera you switch to, furnishings within the whole picture is definitely not significantly different. This can be the new photo experience Apple has for us.

Following your white balance and furnishings of the picture are unified, the experience of “seamless zoom” comes naturally. When you picked the iPhone to use pictures. There has been a real experience of twisting the zoom lens in any trance. Which is very rare in today’s mobile world. Also, the zoom experience of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is another quite different from the prior products. To start with the zoom ring becomes larger, and after that, the inner Taptic Engine has a “click-click” vibration effect when the zoom, which is a good experience.

For you to match the brand new imaging system, the digital camera interface within the iPhone 11 Pro Max has additionally greatly upgraded. Raising is the fact when the wide-angle lens or photo lens switched on. The nearly everywhere sides within the iPhone 11 Pro Max viewfinder look translucent, looking more immersed. In truth, these more immersive images given by other lenses. In the event the photo lens switched on, the wide-angle lens will have fun playing the scene. While when taking pictures inside of the wide-angle lens, the ultra-wide-angle lens will in addition be involved in the scene. It creates an awfully immersive picture by stitching.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

It is conceivable that a few cameras within the iPhone 11 Pro Max don’t work independently like other phones. But it’s obviously a touch of pediatrics to only create an immersive image from the photo

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has also a feature called “Superframe View “. When switched on, the iPhone uses two cameras taking pictures, with wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses in 1x mode and wide-angle and telephoto lenses in 2x mode.

After pressing the shutter, the item uses the powerful computing power of your A13 Bionic chip. To synthesize an image that includes a wider field of view on the background. After my many tests, the photos taken within the super-frame don’t have obvious stitching marks. Plus there is more room for processing when cutting and trimming the images on the later stage. As well as the second composition becomes easier after taking pictures.

The Superframe View feature can be on the iPhone 11 Pro Max on account of the new A13 Bionic chip. And iOS 13’s newly opened camera API, “multi-lens simultaneous view” function. At present, including proficient camera shooting App FiLMiC Pro and household NOMO, have upheld this new capacity. This experience with taking two different focal shots also greatly improves exactly how iPhone 11 Pro Max plays.

Dark light shooting always has been a weakness of your iPhone but starting from iPhone 11 Pro Max. We can also get a superb photo experience in the nighttime light environment. Because the night mode finally appeared about this iPhone. The fact is that this feature is standard in Android’s flagship models. But after an experience, we found that iPhone’s night view function still has a lot of exclusive highlights.

With thanks to the powerful performance of your A13 Bionic chip. The iPhone 11 Pro Max can automatically evaluate if to turn on the night mode good brightness of your ambient light. While at present, most Android flagships have to manually go into the night scene mode taking photos. So iPhone undoubtedly has more advantages in the photo shooting experience.

As soon as the iPhone senses the fact that the ambient light is insufficient. The night mode automatically switched on, as well as the imaging time is marked to the side of the viewfinder. Together with the powerful computing power of your A13 Bionic chip. The iPhone 11 Pro Max can accurately receive the best imaging time. Just in case we’re not satisfied with the preset imaging time of your system. We’re able to adjust it manually within the number of 1s-10s. One must always note. However, we simply cannot manually flip the night mode. So the circumstances for turning on the mode could depend on the iPhone’s own judgment.

It’s always worth mentioning that the night scene imaging time of iPhone 11 Pro Max can be as long as the 30s. But to perform such a long exposure time, a tripod has to be necessary. And most of these extreme scenes are able to be familiar with a photograph of the starry sky. In which we rarely use such a long exposure in time the operation of daily use.

When taking night view photos, do we want a photo as bright as day, or do it is good to offer the atmosphere of the night? For now, Apple has chosen the latter. When shooting in the dark, iPhone 11 Pro Max isn’t able to only retain more complete details and improve the layering of your photos but additionally offer the atmosphere at night. I think this will be the charm of taking photos at night.

iPhone 11 Pro Max video recording:

If picture social networking represents the current trend, then the next era. Video is likely becoming a new means of social interaction. You understand, short video App, including Douyin, has always been popular throughout the world. So more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the video shooting quality on their mobile phones.

As an item positioned as “Pro”, iPhone 11 Pro Max can be very powerful in video shooting. On account of the amazing presentation of the A13 Bionic chip, iPhone 11 Pro Max upholds 4K 60fps video recording. It should note that the three rear cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro Max can all capture 4K 60fps images. More games may be created through the combination of different focal lengths.

When shooting a movie manually, the requirement of anti-shaking of the fuselage can be very high. This time, the anti-shake function of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has been updated on the foundation of the prior generation. The video is more stable when shooting. Vlogger may also be able to fully capture the images they want directly through this phone.

Most individuals are paying attention to a corner three-camera system of iPhone 11 Pro Max. But as a cellular phone positioned as Pro, it is natural to achieve the best in every direction.

This year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max is built with a whole new 12 million-pixel front-facing camera. And its imaging quality is in keeping with Apple’s consistent characteristics, that is, authenticity. However, when we support the iPhone 11 Pro Max horizontally. We may find that the brand new feature with this generation is to automatically enter the ultra-wide-angle mode. In ultra-wide-angle mode, a multi-person selfie will soon be easier because its perspective can incorporate a wider field of view.

Furthermore, the video shooting capacity of the front camera has likewise been upgraded. The brand new 12 million-pixel. The camera usually takes slow-motion selfies at the frame rate of 120fps or 4K resolution video at the frame rate of 60fps. While improving the video shooting nature of the front camera. It additionally enormously expands the method of playing the front video.

Because of the poor video recording ability of the phone’s front-facing camera. Few Vloggers prefer to use the phone’s front-facing camera to record their lives. But beginning with iPhone 11 Pro Max. It requires only 1 step for a telephone to have a high-definition picture, and with 120fps’s slow-motion video. You can easily get some good pictures that other phones can’t take.

Pro class performance and battery life:

We use GeekBench to check the performance of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. In terms of running scores, iPhone 11 Pro Max scored 5484 points in a single-core and 13871 points in multiple cores. A slight improvement over the prior generation of A12 bionics, whilst the “performance core improvement of up to 20 percent” in the state profile can be known by running scores.

It must be said that the vast majority of the elements of the iPhone 11 Pro Max are indistinguishable from this ground-breaking A13 bionic chip. Regardless of whether it is a decent three-camera experience or another night see mode. The A13 Bionic chip has just infiltrated into all parts of the entire phone. From the performance standpoint. The A13 Bionic chip does not need to say much, it’s still the strongest existence on the surface. Using 7nm process technology and six-core architecture. Both CPU and GPU could be the fastest in all previous generations of iPhone.

However, generations of iPhone have more often than not been in the lead in performance. And in the event that you focus only on hardware performance, you can’t find all the highlights of this chip.

In accordance with official data, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a better battery life of five hours compared with the prior generation iPhone XS Max. And this high end not merely needs a large battery but in addition, tests the power usage of the chip. Now, Apple officials stated that the power usage of the A13 Bionic is a lot more than 30% less than that of the A12 Bionic. And the reduced chip power consumption also affords them the ability for long life.

As most of us know, the performance of iPhone phones in battery life is not very outstanding, and “one charge a day” is standard for most consumers. This year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max built with a sizable battery near the 4000mAh. In conjunction with the wonderful power control ability of the A13 Bionic chip, the iPhone also offers longer battery life.

Tell me a usage scenario that surprised me. When I first started using iPhone 11 Pro Max, I took pictures with this phone for almost 30 minutes. But the device only lost 1% of its power. It is important to understand that taking photos consumes a lot of mobile phone power, especially this year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max will turn on multiple cameras while capturing. So we have reason to believe this year’s iPhone would be the most lasting iPhone. With the strong endurance strength of the

It is natural with an eye-catching charging speed. This season, iPhone 11 Pro Max equipped with an 18W fast charging head and USB-C to Lightning data cable. This will be the same because the iPad Pro, which could finally provide us with faster-charging speed.

iPhone 11 Pro Max
Battery life

According to the actual measurement, in the event of low power. The 18W fast charging head can charge the device at full power and can charge half of the mobile phone in 30 minutes. Which will be significantly faster than the traditional 5W charging head. Now, even if you wake up each day and find that your phone is dead, you are able to “charge for 30 minutes and take more than half a day” via a fast charging head. In conjunction with the fact, the iPhone 11 Pro Max still supports wireless charging. There is no issue to replenish power anytime and anywhere.

Another noteworthy aspect of this year’s iPhone 11 Pro could be the newly integrated U1 chip inside the phone. It must be said that the vast majority of the elements of the iPhone 11 Pro Max are indistinguishable from this ground-breaking A13 bionic chip. Regardless of whether it is a decent three-camera experience or another night see mode. The A13 Bionic chip has just infiltrated into all parts of the entire phone.

It is obviously overqualified to use the U1 chip to boost the accuracy of AirDrop. For me, the U1 chip that supports ultra-wideband technology (UWB) is prone to reflect Apple’s ambitions for the era of the Internet of things. Perhaps the current UWB technology is still a little new, but it also means that the technology includes a wide variety of applications in the civilian field, and we are conducive to believing that Apple will be able to generate more functions realized by UWB technology in the future.


This current year, Apple redivided the iPhone production making it a fantastic distinction within the iPhone series in terms of price. The colorful iPhone 11 also provides leading performance and good photo performance, but the worth has an excellent advantage.

The very first “Pro” in the field of iPhone located us in such a way. Not necessarily rare that on account of the powerful three-camera system and excellent design, the popular iPhone 11 Pro Max is enough to turn into an awesome coveted by consumers. Especially in this era when most people are a photographer, iPhone 11 Pro Max will target the camera to supply users with an intuitive experience.

so your phone lives about the domain name of Pro. The emergence from the iPhone 11 Pro series goes for to always be meaningful. It integrates quite a few extra features manufactured for professionals based on iPhone 11. Such a different flagship identified by many professional users. Maybe not supporting the 5G network is a common reason to stop you from buying it, but at that time in time, the 5G network has not formed a scale, so would not it be a better option to order a different iPhone with good signal performance.

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